Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Begotten/The Betrayed by Lisa T. Bergren

The Betrayed(book two of the Novels of the Gifted) is now out in stores. Somehow, I missed book one(The Begotten) when it came out. The Begotten was a finalist for this year's Christy Award.

I am in the middle of reading book one now but I can already recommend buying both books. The author has an excellent set up for the series. Bergren was impressed with the writing in The DaVinci Code but hated the heresy. Inspired by the Lord of the Rings movies she was thinking of writing an adventure story on an epic scale with a large cast of characters. She then took Paul's comment of "previous letters" to the Corinthians and mixed in characters who display the various spiritual gifts. Add a classic style villain(the Sorcerer) and you have the epic that Bergren was looking to write.

I will post a more in depth review as I finish the books.

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Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Thanks for letting your readers know about my books! I appreciate you spreading the word and look forward to hearing what you think when you're done!
Lisa T. Bergren