Thursday, June 19, 2014

A New Evangelical Manifesto

Author:  David P. Gushee-editor

First Publication:  August 2012

Publisher:  Chalice Press

Source:  Net Galley

Summary:  Being religiously conservative does not necessarily mean being politically conservative. There is a significant, emerging segment of conservatively theological Christians who agree with politically liberal counterparts while staying true to their own faith regarding a wide variety of political issues in contemporary America. 

It is time for a new look at faith and politics in America. It is time for A New Evangelical Manifesto. 

The book, not really a manifesto, is the work of numerous authors with each contributing a chapter.  It is divided into 3 sections.

Section One:  A new kind of evangelical Christianity...
Chapters deal with the church in America today and continue through God's vision.

Section Two:  Leading to holistic love...
This section concerns loving those who don't have a voice in society.

Section Three:  ...and Redemptive  Approaches to Public Life
What is a Christian's response to various hot button subjects (global warming, death penalty, consumerism, etc.)

While I might not agree with every writer in this collection, it is a very worthwhile book to read.  I would find it to be a good study guide for a small group.  The group could read the chapter ahead of time and discuss their responses to the authors.  Even though everyone might not agree on the conclusions, everyone does need to prayerfully consider all of the subjects addressed in this book.