Friday, August 22, 2014

Praying Through the Names of God

Author:  Tony Evans

First Publication:  September 1, 2014

Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers

Source:  Net Galley

Tony Evans continues to prove why he is one of my favorite authors.  In this book he examines the many different names of God.  

Dr. Evans gives a look into each of the names.  My favorite part of the book, and what makes it different from other books, is he includes prayers.  It gives the reader a chance to see Dr. Evans prayers.  Also included are blank pages for you to journal at the end of each chapter.

If you are struggling with your prayer life, this is a great way to energize it.  Dr. Evans prayers will help you learn how to pray.  And by picking a different name each day it mixes things up and reminds you of the many different ways God presented Himself in the Bible.

Highly recommended.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

One Kingdom Under God

Author:  Tony Evans

First Publication:  July 2014

Publisher:  Moody Publishers

Source:  Net Galley

Tony Evans was one of the first authors I started following when I began to read Christian books.  Later I started watching him on television and listening to his podcast.  I did hear him in person once (so far) at a Christian rally.  He is an amazing speaker and author.  Evans always stays focused on God’s Word and I appreciate the chance to read his insights into the Gospel.  This is another classic work of his that I thought would be easier to comment on if I included some excerpts from the book.

1.        ”Everyone has an idea and a viewpoint, but I believe God has spoken and He has not stuttered.  There are two answers to every question:  God’s answer and everyone else’s.  And when they differ, everyone else is wrong.  Thus it befits us to bring our lives under God’s rule and passionately pursue His kingdom.”  I remember reading a comment like this in one of his earlier books and it has stayed with me through the years.  “God has spoken and He has not stuttered” is a good way of keeping at the front of our thoughts the truth of God’s Word.

2.       “While there is nothing necessarily wrong with thoughts and feelings, they shouldn’t be the deciding factors to what is true.  Truth transcends feelings.  For example, you may feel like you have a headache so you take an aspirin.  But the lab report might tell the truth that you have a brain tumor, and an aspirin won’t do any good.  Your head hurting felt real; it just didn’t reveal the truth.  When you miss the truth, you miss everything.  Likewise, when you miss the truth of God’s Word, you miss the kingdom.”  Many people try to put their feeling ahead of the truth.  We want to see the best in people so we won’t admit other’s shortcomings.  It is also very true concerning our own problems.  We try to justify our actions because they feel right.  Dr. Evans reminds us that our feelings are wrong unless they are aligned with God’s Word.

3.       “One of the reasons we often don’t live in light of this truth is because we confuse the terms “power” and “authority”.  For example, on the football field the players are bigger and stronger-more powerful-than the referees.  The referees are older, smaller, and more out of shape than the players.  The players can knock you down-power.  But the referees can put you out-authority.  Satan has power, but the only way he is free to use that power over the lives of individuals, families, churches, or even the broader society is the failure to operate from under the rightful headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Satan does not have the authority to use his power when men function under the covenantal covering of Jesus Christ.”  How easy it is to confuse power and authority.  The world tries to convince everyone that power is more important.  Dr. Evans goes back to his football days (as a chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys) for this example.  Even if you do not like football, I believe most people will understand this message.  Too often we get lured into believing that Satan’s power is the strongest force on Earth.  This explanation reminds us that God’s authority is the supreme power that trumps Satan’s power.

4.       “But the truth and power of God’s Word can be nullified in your experience if you refuse to let the Word speak to you as it is or you start mixing it up with your human viewpoints.  Now please notice I did not say the Bible can lose its power or authority.  That will never happen because God said His Word is “forever settles in heaven” (Psalm 119:89).  But the Bible’s power is blunted in our lives when we do not respond to God in humility and obedience.”  How many times do we see someone we believe to be a Christian go down the wrong path?  It is one of many reasons why we need to stay focused on God’s Word.

“One Kingdom Under God” is a great reminder that we need to keep God at the center of our thoughts and lives.  When our focus is on Him, He keeps us on the right path.