Monday, June 11, 2012

The Bedford Review 2.0

A few years ago, I started “The Bedford Review” with the intent of reviewing Christian fiction.  It gave me a chance to recommend and promote books that I liked.  Through the blog, I met many Christians with similar interests.  Now, after a hiatus of about a year and a half, version 2 of the blog is here.

What will be the difference between the first and second versions?  Version 2 will be more of a personal journal of my spiritual life.  It will still occasionally have fiction reviews but I plan on adding other features.

One of the main features will be a journal of my Bible studies.  I have always thought of journaling but never made the commitment.  Journaling will help me review my Bible reading and focus on the lesson/inspiration I receive each day.  Some day’s entries will be longer, some will be shorter. 

Something else that helps me with my walk with the Lord is music.  Many weeks I pick a song that inspires me and listen to it multiple times each day.  It stays in my head and gives me a theme to focus on.  Once a week, I plan on discussing the song I have selected.

The reviews will expand to include non-fiction, with occasional movies and television shows, in addition to the fiction normally reviewed here.  Recently the Lord has led me to reading more non-fiction so I thought it could be included in the “new” blog.

The other type of posting I will do is an occasional commentary.  Subjects will range from a news story that touches my heart to sites that inspire me.  It could be anything.

Why am I doing this?  Because the Lord has shown me how the process of writing helps keep me focused.  It helps with my spiritual growth.  So even if no one else wants to follow what I am doing, I will keep posting.  Anything that keeps me growing closer to the Lord is worth doing. 

God bless.