Tuesday, October 31, 2006

CSFF Blog Tour Day 2-Dragons, Knights and Angels

Today, I will take a look at The Man Who Kept a Dragon in the Basement by Linda Gilmore. It appears in issue 34(July 2006) of Dragons, Knights and Angels.

Troy kept a dragon in his basement.

The author takes a good look at what would happen to a person who keeps a dragon in the basement. The limits on dating, impact on the heating bill, etc. Linda took the time to really think through her idea before writing her story. She has done a nice character study. I found myself sympathizing with Troy and his problems. I think everyone has experienced some form of his problems when you are beginning a relationship. Most people have something that we think the other person will not understand.

This was the second story(the first one was The Watchman, my review appears here) I have read from Dragons, Knights and Angels. So far, I enjoyed both stories.

Next time, I will review Damage by Jane Lebak.

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