Monday, August 07, 2006

Dinner With a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

I thought it was appropriate to review David Gregory's "Dinner With a Perfect Stranger:An Invitation Worth Considering" before commenting on his new book "A Day With a Perfect Stranger". And in a moment that could only be coordinated by God, last week I happened to tune into a radio broadcast of Haven Today. The show was called "For God so Loved a Hezbollah Terrorist". This tied in perfectly with David Gregory's books.

A mysterious envelope appears on your desk at work. When you open it you find an invitation to dinner... from Jesus. Nick Comminsky assumes that it is a practicle joke or another attempt to get him to attend a local church. He decides to keep the dinner reservation. When he gets there he finds a man who knows too much about his personal life. The more they talk the more he realizes that this is the real Jesus.

The author has written an excellent book for Christians and non-Christians alike. It shows the Christian how to approach non-believers. For non-Christians, he answers a lot of their questions but not in the way that they expect.

People might tell you that Jesus does not appear to people the way he did in this book. It is a work of fiction. Then Haven Today airs the story of Muslim man named Afshin. This man memorized the Koran and devoted his life to Allah. After being imprisoned, he becomes the leader of the Muslims in the prison. There he came face to face with Jesus. Afshin became a Christian. You can listen to his story at:

It is interesting to listen to Afshin's tale and read "Dinner With a Perfect Stranger". It is a good reminder that Jesus is reaching out to people every day.

"Dinner With a Perfect Stranger" is still on sale at many bookstores. Next time, I will review the sequel "A Day With a Perfect Stranger".

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