Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Day with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

David Gregory has followed up his excellent Dinner with a Perfect Stranger with another great book.
In the first book, Nick Comminsky had dinner with Jesus. As Nick presented all of his doubts and questions to Jesus, he replied with love and grace. Now this book shows what happens when Nick returns home and tells his wife(Mattie) about the dinner.
Mattie flies off on a business trip to give herself a chance to think over what her husband told her. Has her husband gone crazy? Should she leave him? While on the plane, Mattie has an encounter with Jesus. She has her own doubts. As she talks with Jesus, she begins to realize who this man is in the seat beside her.
David has presented another view of an encounter with our Lord. I like the way that he shows Jesus handling the questions. Jesus does a perfect mix of explaining and leading the non-beliver into thinking for themselves. I hope he continues with a third book in this series.
I know he has me thinking about how I will explain Christianity to others.
A Day with a Perfect Stranger is available at most bookstores.
The publisher has set up a website at

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