Tuesday, August 22, 2006

CSFF Blog Tour-Kathy Tyers

The focus of our August tour is Kathy Tyers. Kathy started as a successful science fiction writer in the secular market. Her first published book was Firebird(first in a trilogy). It was followed by Fusion Fire(second in the Firebird trilogy), Crystal Witness, and Shivering World. She hit the bestseller list with her first Star Wars novel, The Truce at Bakura. This was followed with another original novel, One Mind's Eye. Kathy reached an agreement with a Christian publisher(Bethany House) to let her rewrite Firebird and Fusion Fire as she had originally intended them. Then she finished the trilogy with Crown of Fire. She received the call to write another Star Wars novel, New Jedi Order: Balance Point.
Take the time to visit her home page at http://www.kathytyers.com. Kathy has her biography and a list of all the books(and short stories) she has published.
Tomorrow I will have comments on the Christian science fiction field(including Kathy's work).
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Rebecca Grabill said...

Welcome! It's great to have a list of all her books. I still find the writing and re-writing and re-publishing incredible (and a mite confusing but mostly incredible). Looking forward to tomorrow!

Mirtika said...

Thanks for joining the tour! :)