Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CSFF Blog Tour-Kathy Tyers(part 2)

Kathy Tyers' Firebird Trilogy is one of the most praised Christian science fiction series ever. Is it worthy of the praise it has received in numerous sites? So far, I have only read the first book but I would have to agree. Kathy appears to have been inspired by Star Wars. If you look hard enough, most authors take an existing story/idea, turn it on it's side, mix it with their own thoughts, and have a new creation. She has used some of the world building and themes from the better space opera books and fused it with the character development of the romance genre. Excellent job on book 1.

I plan on reading her other books between the books I have to review for this site. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves science fiction(or well written fiction in general).

Go to Beth Goddard's blog for a two part interview with the author.

Best news of the tour award goes to Karen Hancock's posting for today. In it she reveals that Kathy is back to writing fiction and is hard at work on a new book set in the Firebird universe.

What other Christian speculative fiction has been published? Which ones do you recommend?

I put together a list(in no particular order) from my collection. Eventually reviews will be posted on these books.

Kathy Tyers-Shivering World

Ted Dekker-The Circle Trilogy(Black, Red, White).

Karen Hancock-Arena

S. Wise Bauer-The Revolt(In the near future, Virginia separates from the United States. An idealist discovers that it may be impossible to establish the kingdom of God on earth. A very interesting first novel).

James Byron Huggins-Leviathan(an unholy alliance between science and nature unleashes havoc beyond measuring).

Nancy Moser-Time Lottery(what if you had the chance to go back in time and relive one decisive moment?)

Gregory Smith-Captive Planet, Operation Master Planet(rebels on the planet Tsu fighting against the Dominion).

Randall Ingermanson-Double Vision, Transgression, Retribution, Premonition.

John Olson/Randall Ingermanson-The Fifth Man, Oxygen.

Andrew Seddon-Red Planet Rising(Christians on Mars are being persecuted by a supposedly benevolent leader).

David Gray-The Shepherd Series(The Shepherd's Man, The Shepherd's Path)(end times novel about a corrupted world that is persecuting Christians).

Stephen Lawhead-Dream Thief, Empyrion.

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