Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Lazarus Trap by Davis Bunn

From my bookshelf comes this thriller from 2005. It is the first book by Davis Bunn that I have read.

This is a book length parable. Before we accept Jesus, our lives are full of sin. When we become "born again" we get to start over. Our previous life was foolish and filled with the mistakes we made. A new leaf is turned over. We begin the new life that Jesus has for us. Davis Bunn has written a modern parable that reflects this change in life.

Dying may be the chance of a lifetime. A man wakes up in a jail cell, bleeding from his head, and can't remember anything. Not even his name.

Slowly his memory returns. His name is Val Haines. The world thinks he is dead. Framed for murder and embezzlement, he is goes on the run. Val discovers that he was not a very nice guy. His arch rival managed to steel his wife and daughter, his job, and made it look like Val was a crook. With only a few personal belongings and a large amount of cash, Val has a decision to make. Does he try to get his life back or make a new life for himself? The tension mounts as his rival finds out that Val survived the explosion that was meant to kill him. He starts hunting down Val, knowing that he is the only one who can expose the truth.

Davis Bunn crafted an exciting thriller that will keep you on edge until the final scene.

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