Friday, September 15, 2006

CFBA Tour-Taylor Field Interview(Part 2)

Welcome back for the second part of the Taylor Field interview. Taylor is the author of the excellent Squat.
SPOILER ALERT WARNING!!!!!! The following questions contain spoilers for the novel Squat.
The Bedford Review(TBR): Bonehead was doing the work of God(whether or not he realized it). Was he an angel?
Taylor Field(TF): I would go back to Unc's favorite Bible verse, which Squid mentions in his last conversation with Rachel.
TBR: I thought that it was a good decision not to reveal if Squid accepted Jesus. This rings true to life. Have you had many comments on this?
TF: Just a few. My hope was that people would reflect on the very question you have raised. Thanks for your thoughts.
TBR: Do you read fiction(Christian or secular)? If so, who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?
TF: Anna Karinina by Tolstoy and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.
TBR: And the big question that everyone wants to know...can we expect more fiction novels from Taylor Fields?
TF: I have the rough draft of a far-out novel about the future, kind of a Brave New World from a faith perspective. I wrote it on the Isle of Patmos during my study leave. It seemed a good time and place for me to look ahead instead of looking backward. My book agent said that after Squat, this new novel might give the reader whip-lash. I have in my head a second novel about Squid and Unc, twenty years after the day in the first novel, but I haven't written it down yet.
Thank you to Taylor Field for taking the time to answer my questions. I know that I will be eagerly looking forward to your next book.
Coming next week is a review of the Christian noir book Seventy Times Seven by Brandt Dodson.

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