Tuesday, September 19, 2006

CSFF September Blog Tour-Edenstar Books and Games Part 2

What led to my interest in science fiction and fantasy?

The first SFF book I can remember reading was The Runaway Robot by Lester Del Rey. That led me to the old Winston series with young adult books by various authors. The only other books that look similar that was in the library was the Tom Swift, Jr. series. One of my best friends and I devoured them. A new series started appearing at the local newstand. It featured covers by Gray Morrow that jumped out and grabbed you. The series was translated from the original German-Perry Rhodan. With 3 new books each month, this kept us busy. After that we "graduated" to the SFF section at the area department stores. Among those that were our favorites were...

Isaac Asimov-the Foundation series, Robot series(which were linked together in a later book)
Frank Herbert-Dune series.
Poul Anderson-Dominic Flandry, Van Rijn, et. al.
Gordon Dickson-Dorsai series.
Roger Zelazny-Amber series, Doorways in the Sand, etc.
Michael Moorcock-Elric

In the last 10 years, I drifted away from SFF and into Christian fiction and non-fiction. Part of the reason that I quit reading SFF was because I could not find any in the Christian fiction section. Edenstar Books and Games is one of the newer sites that help solve that problem. We need to lift them up in prayer so that they can continue their ministry.

What authors/books have led you to this blog tour?

Please visit the following blog tour(blog tourists?) sites learn more.

Jackie Castle; Valerie Comer; Bryan Davis; Beth Goddard; Leathel Grody; Elliot Hanowski; Katie Hart; Sherrie Hibbs; Sharon Hinck; Jason Joyner; Tina Kulesa; Kevin Lucia; Rachel Marks; Shannon McNear; Rebecca LuElla Miller; Cheryl Russel; Mirtika Schultz ; Stuart Stockton; Steve Trower; Speculative Faith;Joleen Howell

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