Thursday, December 13, 2007

Coming Attractions

Things to look for...

I am evaluating the way I review books. An interesting discussion at SF Signal has me thinking about my reviews. Right now, I am leaning towards the type of review that Spider Robinson used to do in Galaxy SF Magazine.

In the near future will be my second interview with Brandt Dodson. He is the author of the one of the best noir series-the Colton Parker novels.

The next book review I will be doing is for Orson Scott Card's "A War of Gifts". It is a new Ender story. The focus of the book is on religion and holiday traditions being introduced at the Battle School. It will be appearing on the Speculative Faith site this Friday.

Next week will see the December Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy tour featuring the Wayfarers Journal. I will review a short story by one of my favorite Christian short story writers-Stoney Setzer.

The next book I will review on this site will be Fallen by Matthew Raley. This is a first novel that will be published in January.

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