Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wayfarers Journal Fall 2007-"Phobos" by Stoney M. Setzer

One of the new features for The Bedford Review in 2008 is the addition of regular short story reviews. The first story featured is one that I was going to review last month.

"Phobos" is the second of Stoney Setzer's stories that I have read. My review of "The Watchman" can be found here.

This story deals with an expedition to the Martian moon called Phobos. The natives trash the shuttle and start killing the crew. The twist is all of the crew are being killed by what they fear the most. As the crew is being eliminated it becomes apparent to Travis Lyle that he is about to face his greatest fear. The fear of being alone.

Setzer does a great job of making the crews' fears believable. Overcoming your fears is something that everyone can relate to.

I am looking forward to more stories by this author.


For an interview with the editor-in-chief of The Wayfarers Journal follow this link.

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