Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blinded by Darkness - Tony Burton

Holy Creek Christian Church is growing. A member donates the land to build a new church. The only catch is that the new building must be completed by a set date or the congregation looses the land. Blinded by Darkness begins with a dinner and concert to help raise money for the project. Suddenly, many of the members develope servere stomach cramps.

Pastor Wilson has suspects within his congregation. The police seem reluctant to investigate. In most churches, the pastor wears many hats. Pastor Wilson is forced to put on the hat of a detective. Especially after one of his members dies under mysterious circumstances.

Tony Burton's story will keep you turning the pages, anxious to find out the answers. It is great to read a mystery book where you do not have to worry about the worldview. Unfortunately, many mystery books focus on violence and questionable morals. Blinded by Darkness does not suffer from that problem. I liked the storyline and characters. The only problem I had with the book was the characters tended to explain things rather than letting the story show us. As Tony becomes more experienced as a writer I suspect that the dialogue will become more natural sounding. Recommended for mystery fans who are looking for something new and fresh. I am not aware of any other series that currently focuses on a minister detective.

Rating: 3 stars.

ISBN 0-9778402-4-7
Tony's website is located at http://www.tonyburton.biz/

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