Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where the Map Ends site

It is day 2 of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour of Jeff Gerke's Where the Map Ends. This is a fascinating website for Christians who are interested in reading or writing science fiction and fantasy. Included in the site are interviews, book listings, writing tips and much more.

A new feature that I think will be a hit is best described by Jeff...

On March 1 (3/1/07) I am launching the first-ever WhereTheMapEnds Collaborative Fiction Project.
In collaborative fiction a group of participants (including you, I hope) works together to create a story. Anyone can create characters. Anyone can create settings. Anyone can create plot. And anyone can write the actual scenes that will become the story.
I’ve always liked the movie ‘Krull,’ in which fantasy heroes are attacked by laser-toting aliens in their spaceships. So that’s the kind of story I’ve decided we’ll tackle together.
Our premise: A medieval fantasy world–with its own problems, histories, cultures, and cast of characters–is suddenly invaded by technologically advanced beings from space–who themselves have their own problems, histories, cultures, and cast of characters.
Now who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Whether you like fantasy or science fiction or cyberpunk or the clash of cultures, there’s something here for you.
I’ve got the technical framework for the project all set up. I’m using a forums/message board format, which others have used successfully for projects like this. I’ve got all the forums and sub-forums ready to go. All I need is the people.
I feel like I’ve been preparing for a party and now everything’s ready: the tables are set up, the punch is mixed, the decorations are up, and the party favors are on every chair. I can’t wait to open the doors on March 1 and let the party begin.
I hope you’ll join the fun. Whether you’re a writer, a reader, or just an intrigued bystander (who might BECOME a writer along the way), you’re heartily invited.

The first time I read a round robin story that was similar to this was the Cosmos serial reprinted in the Perry Rhodan series. In Cosmos(originally published in 1933 and 1934), each chapter was written by a different author. Some of the authors were E.E. "Doc" Smith, Otis Adelbert Kline, Edmond Hamilton, A. Merritt, and many others. This was an interesting experiment that I wish would be collected into book form someday.

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Becky said...

Great post, Jim. I'm surprised Jeff didn't stop by to tell you that too. I know he really wants SFFaner's to know about the March 1 story launch. I'm so glad you posted about it.


Jefferson Scott said...

Hi, Jim. Thanks for the post.

I stopped by every day of the tour and am glad to see your post pointing people to the site!

Thanks again.