Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tilly by Frank Peretti

Kathy and Dan Ross appear to be an ordinary couple. But there are secrets they have buried in their past. The truth comes out as Kathy becomes obsessed with a tiny tombstone bearing the name "Tilly". The secrets that they have been covering up threaten Kathy's faith and their marriage. Dan and Kathy start investigating the mystery behind who is buried in the small grave. Kathy comes face-to-face with her past when a little girl appears to her in her dreams.

Most of Frank Peretti's books can be scary. This is not a typical Peretti book. He has written a very moving modern day parable of true Christian love and forgiveness. I believe "Tilly" could help anyone who has suffered this type of loss. The story is one that touches the soul of those who have read it.

Frank Peretti originally wrote this as a radio drama that was performed on the "Focus on the Family" radio show. It is one of the top ten most requested shows ever presented by that radio program.

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